Primary vs secondary: primary enuresis is the 5 year old who has never been able to hold urine in. (We don't put a label on it any earlier than 5 years old). These are most likely congenital (anatomical) issues, which may require surgical intervention.

Secondary Enuresis is the person who shows urinary control, but then loses it.

Chiropractors do really well here with secondary enuresis.

We may use a combination of assessing diet (66% demonstrate food allergies, esp. cow’s milk and citrus fruits) and neurologic interference via the lumbosacral plexus. Sacral nerves innervate the urethral sphincter, bladder and detrusor muscle. Chiropractic adjustments are aimed at restoring the neurological integrity of the involved segmental dysfunctions. In other words, our goal is to restore proper nerve firing to the bladder and urethra, in turn, allowing the person to gain urinary control again.

Bed Wetting
(Nocturnal Enuresis)