If You're on Diabetic Medication, You NEED to READ this!

Did you know that increased insulin production precedes the development of Diabetes by 5-10 years?!

Type II Diabetes in a nutshell: as our cells become insulin resistant from having too much sugar in our bloodstream, the pancreas produces more and more insulin until it burns out; now you can't secrete insulin anymore and blood sugar levels rise.

Should I take this seriously?

Absolutely! There's increased risk for heart disease, impotence, kidney failure, blindness, and nerve damage; not to mention its impact on hormones! Chances are, if you're a male with Diabetes, you'll have low testesterone. Don't confuse the trending increase in Type II Diabetes as being normal! I regularly hear people in public describe their condition as, "It's OK, I'm on Diabetic meds and it's under control." In that case, please ask yourself or others:

How many people successfully cure their Diabetes with medication?

It's practically unheard of! What we usually see instead with conventional treatment is people get sicker, fatter, more inflamed, and more dependent on their medication.

What are some risk factors?

  • High visceral fat stores (the fat that surrounds organs)
  • Eating a lot of saturated fats
  • Eating excessive amounts of carbs
  • Family history of Diabetes

What Can I Do About It?

Lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Exercise (particularly strength training) makes our muscles sensitive to insulin (the opposite of insulin resistant). Better eating habits and blood sugar support may be just what you need. Supplying your body with essential fatty acids is a key component as well.

"After just 4 weeks, I got the news this morning that I'm able to stop taking insulin shots for Type 2 Diabetes, which I had been reliant on for years!"

-Mike C.


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