Are you truly feeling as good as you should?

Your body is designed to rid itself of toxins but it can be overburdened. Many times toxin buildup can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems.

  • External toxins: pollutants, chemicals (~80,000 registered for use in the U.S., hundreds of which are present in our bodies): pesticides, preservatives, cigarettes, cosmetics, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products
  • Internal toxins: natural metabolic byproducts (free radicals, CO2, ammonia)

Common symptoms of high toxic load include: low libido, digestive difficulty, low mental clarity, food cravings and weight gain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and low energy.

Detoxification (or purification) can help rid your body of toxins and allow for healthy weight management and improved quality of life.

For a successful detox, we want to first provide an escape route for the toxins we're about to liberate. If we merely release a bunch of toxins but they have nowhere to go, we may go into "toxic shock," similar to the flu. After we've covered this step we want to then support phase I and II of liver detox. For a fully comprehensive and easy to follow program, visit our supplement store and choose the Detox Kit under our "EZ-kit" menu.