Unless we’re eating 80% raw and organic foods all the time, we are depriving ourselves of enzymes, components necessary to break down our food and absorb the nutrients in our diet. Enzymes are commonly removed from foods to extend their shelf life.

We often times experience digestive difficulties with particular foods when we lack the right amount of enzymes to digest it. Many times a person will feel discomfort and in turn avoid certain foods, such as meats when they cannot digest proteins adequately. Instead of digesting the food, it remains in one’s gut and putrefies (not a pleasant thought).

Not only that, but when our bodies are stressed (mentally, physically or chemically) our bodies crave certain nutrients to combat that stress, especially glucose for our brains to function. When our bodies are unable to keep up with this stress, we turn to breaking down our own tissues for its resources (i.e. gluconeogenesis..particularly converting proteins (which are needed for cell repair and growth) to glucose). This places a strain on our organs and tissues, potentially to the point where pathology develops.

So, it all begins with identifying stressors and avoid them if we can. Next, we must allow for adequate nutrients to be available to combat these stressors once they present themselves. We do so by consuming the right foods in the first place, and then supplementing with enzymes to allow for proper digestion and absorption.