Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The ability to out-jump, out-run, or out-throw someone depends on the ability of the muscle fibers to contract as well as the elastic recoil properties of the fascial network supporting these movements.

Fascia functions and dysfunctions along with muscle. Muscles rarely transmit their full force directly via tendons into the skeleton. They rather distribute a large portion of their contractile or tensional forces onto fascial sheets.

When traumatized, a fascial lesion heals by spider-webbing together with irregularly arranged collagen, rather than running smoothly parallel to one another. Such adhesions may prevent proper fascial, muscle, ligament and tendon function.

Damaged ligaments treated with instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation were 31% stronger and 34% stiffer compared to untreated ligaments. This intervention also increases blood flow after 24 hours.

Fascia & Scar Treatment