• While Vit C, Echinacea, and Garlic are commonly suggested for colds, they show no major benefits once symptoms begin
    • They improve immune function but not quickly enough to make a difference once you’re sick
    •  They can be used PREVENTATIVELY through
  • The best way to PREVENT illness is maintaining an adequate diet year round
    • Include superfoods that maximize immune function
    • Zinc
    • Vit D
    • Resveratrol (for those immune-challenged or susceptible to infections)
    • Phytochemicals (RAW, unprocessed vegetables)
    • Frequent exercise: lower frequency of colds
    • Vigorous exercise increases functional efficiency in almost all cells
    • Elevating HR and sustaining it for at least 5 min
  • Extreme exercise, though, (i.e. iron man competitions, cross-country skiing) can create excessive free radicals and the stress on the body may exceed any benefits
  •  Once you’re sick, eat small meals to not tax your body via heavy digestion
  • Our Holistic "Flu shot":
    • 2-3 tbsp Elderberry extract (syrup); 1-4 tbsp for children/ Berries (anthocyanins)/ Zinc (30mg)/Vit D/probiotics
    • Elderberry Extract (inhibits adhesion of a virus, esp. influenza, to the cell receptor, thus it cannot enter cell & replicate)
    • Zinc may shorten colds/flu by a day or more
    • Vit D boosts macrophages, neutrophils, monocytes & natural killer cells

Getting chiropractic adjustments once a day during an illness makes the body respond quicker and makes a patient more comfortable during the illness

5 pillars of health: 1. Rest 2. Exercise 3. Nutrition 4. Mental Attitude 5. Functioning electrical system (Nervous System)

Flu Season