Blood Chemistry analysis

Just as a wilting plant needs sun, nutrients, water, and love to rejuvenate, so do our bodies. We can give our plant these things, or we can go to the department store and spray-paint the leaves green and make it appear healthier. This is what often happens when a blood screening marker is off and we are given drugs (i.e. statins) to make that marker appear more healthy, while potentially disrupting other systems.

Blood chemistry analysis allows us to investigate what's driving our body to adapt in a way that's creating symptoms, rather than spray-painting each symptom away.

Suffering from chronic “I don’t feel good-itis”?

Our nervous system, immune system, and organs are all interconnected, and dysfunction along one can disrupt another. A comprehensive look allows us to see what may be pushing the whole body out of balance.

Common chronic symptoms:

  • Blood sugar spikes and dips                           
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Auto-immunity
  • Leaky gut
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Foggy brain
  • Metabolism issues
  • Poor memory & concentration

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“After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease I started looking for someone to help me achieve my optimal health. Chronic fatigue and joint pain were the primary issues. Until I connected with Dr. De Geer the only proposed solution was a daily prescription medication that may or may not work. Dr. De Geer identified root-cause issues with my health and got me started on targeted supplements and regular chiropractic care. I’ve not only resolved my chronic fatigue, but I have no joint pain and have the energy to enjoy the health benefits of yoga and barre classes 3-4 times a week. The best outcome, though, is the added energy I have to spend with my family, including two very busy toddlers.”
— Maria, 34
“[Dr. De Geer] was able to help me reach my goal through proper nutritional guidance mixed with an individualized exercise program. His commitment and extensive knowledge can help you to achieve any goal. I have learned how to truly live a healthy lifestyle and I am forever grateful.”
— Hana M.

How do I get involved with Functional Nutrition?

  1. Fill out the metabolic assessment form (under the "Forms" tab)
  2. Contact us and order labs if necessary
  3. Discuss the findings & learn if natural supplements will help support your current level of adaptive physiology

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