For those of us experiencing heart burn, let’s draw our attention to LES tone (lower esophageal sphincter). With this valve open gastric acid is able to reflux into our esophagus where it produces that burning sensation in our chest and potentially up our throat.

We tend to produce LESS hydrochloric acid (HCl) secretion as we age, which begs the question: why are proton-pump inhibitors and antacids encouraged at all? Chronic use of proton-pump inhibitors has been linked with mineral deficiency as it depletes these nutrients from our system. Also, a less acidic gastric environment allows H-Pylori to flourish, the organism responsible for being the leading cause of gastric ulcers. Natural enzyme support may be indicated for one with this condition while avoiding side effects.

Tobacco contains chemicals that lower pyloric sphincter tone (at the exit of the stomach). What happens is, alkaline pH from the duodenum (the beginning of one’s small intestine) refluxes into one’s stomach, in turn, the stomach produces more gastric acid to buffer the environment.

Bile acid from our gall bladder neutralizes stomach acidity. Not producing enough bile acid from gall bladder dysfunction or removal may lead to GERD

The conservative approach we recommend is: limit triggering foods and chemicals, don’t lay down too fast after eating, eat slower, and relax!

What else can I do? Repair your gut lining so it can tolerate stomach acid. Then, support the digestion of foods with digestive enzymes and/or hydrochloric acid.

Losing weight and enzyme support has been shown beneficial to many who suffer from this condition. For information or to order the right blend of enzymes, please bring it to our attention at our next visit.

Also interesting regarding a back pain component: Those with surgical rods placed between T3-T5 demonstrated difficulties registering adequate acid secretions, indicating a neurologic disconnect.

Dr. Chris is certified through Loomis Institute of Health, where enzyme support serves as the staple to correct viscerosomatic dysfunction (organ stress manifesting into other bodily symptoms). He also holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and is familiar with a variety of nutritional products that we trust and recommend. 

Heartburn (GERD)