95% of serotonin, a “feel good” hormone, is in your gut.

  • People who are obese tend to have a less diverse collection of microbes than those who maintain a healthy weight.

  • Eating a healthy diet (low sat fats, high fruits & vegetables) encourages mircrobes associated with leanness to quickly be incorporated into the gut

  • Mice fed microbes from obese people tend to gain fat; microbes from lean people protect mice from excessive weight gain

  • Mice receiving transplants from obese twins developed obesity and metabolic problems/ obese twins receiving lean twins’ microbes protected against weight gain and metabolic problems

Brain related symptoms: Mice with gut inflammation show symptoms of anxiety and depression

Treatment goals: restore healthy hormone levels (note: 95% of body’s serotonin is located in gut)

  • Unless you’re up for trying a fecal transplant, I’d recommend probiotics and the right nutrition.

Reference: Remerosdki, Gaia. The universe within: Harnessing gut bacteria to shape health & treat disease. Innovate (Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University Physicians). 2014, vol. XIX; 18-23. 

Serotonin & Your Gut