Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine focuses on restoring health through the use of the latest laboratory testing and combinations of botanical medicines, nutraceutical supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, exercise, and stress-management techniques.




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The Value of Functional Medicine


Most traditional medical practices focus their care on stabilizing a disease and decreasing symptoms with medication. While this may help a person stay out of the hospital, most patients are not moving from illness to wellness with this approach.

The number of people who are suffering from complex, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis are rising tremendously. Genetics, toxins everywhere in our environment, and our lifestyle have a direct influence on this rise in chronic disease.

At De Geer Health & Wellness, we apply the principles of Functional Medicine by listening to you and asking ourselves, “Is there a dysfunction or imbalance in the systems of your body leading you to feel this way?” For instance, are there imbalances with your gut, your hormones, your energy production, or your immune system escalating to the point you feel something’s off or you start developing a disease?

Patients are becoming more informed and are seeking out natural solutions for their health conditions. At De Geer Health & Wellness, we offer a patient-centered (not disease-centered), experience using natural tools to get your body into balance and reclaim the life you want.

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We have helped numerous patients optimize their health, regain an active lifestyle, and get back to their favorite activities, all without surgery. Our program uses advanced, whole-body solutions to help you regain balance. We are proud to share our success with you.

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Functional Medicine Consultation

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7 Pillars of Optimal Wellness
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GI & Digestive Health

By now you most likely have come across the term “Leaky Gut,” the condition where molecules in our food intended to be digested have leaked into the bloodstream, causing an immune system attack. More and more research shows the link between chronic illness and an imbalanced microbiome. Our feel-good hormone, Serotonin, is housed here as well. Our gut is at the core of our health, and understanding why it breaks down and how to repair it becomes very advantageous.

Drinking Water


Everything in our environment interacts with our genes to create health or disease. Environmental toxins and radiation push the latter, while health-promoting substances drive protection. Detoxification is the way our bodies get rid of waste, hormones, and other chemicals and medication. If waste builds up, we get sick.

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Mitochondria are the power factories responsible for generating ATP in our cells. Predictable mechanisms slow down their efficiency. Beyond producing energy, mitochondria play key roles in chronic pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

Several other things can results in low energy, so it’s important to take a look at adrenal health, blood sugar regulation, oxygen delivery, and things that affect our hormones.

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Blood Flow

Nitric Oxide is one of the, if not the most studied, molecules in medicine, reflecting the importance of blood flow in health. Our brain is particularly in need of optimal blood perfusion.

Healthy Lifestyle

Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is the state where free radicals build up without the proper reserves of anti-oxidants to calm the fire. This and inflammation are the big contributors to disease and weight gain. The key is to fuel up on anti-oxidant reserves and promote the anti-inflammatory capacity of your body.

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Hormones and Neurotransmitters

There’s a natural wave of healthy hormone and neurotransmitter balance that creates a blissful sense of vitality. You can have plenty of hormone problems without anything being wrong with the glands that produce them. Most hormone problems stem from not being able to break down all your hormones and/or being able to clear them out of your body after they've been used.

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Stress comes in the form of emotions (relationships, finances, deadlines), trauma (physical injuries), and chemicals (toxins in the environment, drugs/medications, water, pesticides). A healthy body can handle a reasonable amount of stress. However, we are unable to function with full energy and without disease when our reserves are exhausted.

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Complimentary Consultation


Some patients can see major shifts in their health by making a few simple changes. Other times, we need to dig deeper and get more information. The premise behind functional nutrition is to reverse cellular damage and promote healthy balance when our health trajectory is heading anywhere but optimal. We are able to offer functional medicine services in-person and remotely for those who cannot travel to our St. Louis clinic.

  • Consultation

    Come to our Clinic In Person
    or Work with us Remotely

    Phone or in-person appointments

    This is not your typical doctor’s visit. Our new patient experience starts with a 15-20 minute consultation reviewing your health intake form and nutritional assessment questionnaire. We will listen to find out more about you and what your goals are, and will let you know if we think we can help. If not, we’ll direct you to someone who can.

  • Innovative Lab Testing

    If we choose to move forward with working together, we will gather information about your internal chemistry with a lab panel most suitable for you.

    - Well-Life Screening (An in-depth, foundational test much more elaborate than your typical hospital visit)
    - Hormone Panels
    - Stool Testing
    - Food Sensitivity Testing
    - Toxic Metal Hair Analysis

  • Creating a Plan

    During a 45-minute appointment, your Functional Medicine Nutritionist will go over your lab results with you. Here you will be able to ask questions and collaborate on a custom treatment plan, focusing on high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, nutraceuticals, and/or botanicals to address your unique imbalances.

    This meeting is designed to make sure you feel confident in next phases to come and to establish a relationship for on-going support.

  • Checking In

    Follow-up sessions will be scheduled to assess your progress and to order any necessary follow up testing. Depending on what systems are out of balance, this may take place 4-weeks, 6-weeks, or 12-weeks after your initial visit.

    Re-testing will be done to reflect any cellular change that has taken place. We will discuss your specific condition for further fine-tuning.

    As we continue to work together, your health care team is available via remote or in-person follow-up appointments. With ongoing support, our intention is to optimize your health and get you your life back.



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